Here we go!

The first post is always the hardest.  Where to begin?  Well Bo and I finally did it – secured a volunteer project, sold our belongings and packed up the bare necessities and we made the move to serve outside the U.S.  We have felt compelled for a few years now to answer God’s call and do service work in combination with our love for travel and exploration.  We chose Granada, Nicaragua as our first destination and La Esperanza Granada as the nonprofit that we’d serve through.  In turn, they agreed to have us, and the plans to move started to unfold.

I arrived on September 19th, 2015 a few weeks before Bo. His flight is currently planned for October 19th, which means I have exactly one month here on my own before he joins.  I’m really excited to show him what I’ve found so far – the good and the bad, and hopefully share that with all of you along the way as well.

With a chef dad and a pastry chef mom, my favorite topic of travel is always the food, so I will do my best to describe the tastes, prices, and experiences of the restaurants, food carts, and home kitchens Bo and I experience along the way.  I’m also a very novice photographer, but I love taking photos so I will share many of my pictures through this blog as well.

We will also do our best to share the work we are doing and the friends we meet along the way.

-The Tatums


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