Goodbye Denver

So Bo left a week ago and I had just a few remaining days to see friends, sell the last few items on craigs list, clean the apartment and return the keys…..and move in with the most wonderful roomies – Cari and Nate.

Julia, Cari and I celebrated my last night in the states by going to the ever-popular Casa Bonita in Denver, Colorado.  Nothing could have prepared me for Central America quite like Casa Bonita 😉

Saying goodbye:

I flew into Granada with only the knowledge that my taxi driver would meet me at the airport and have the keys to my home.  What I didn’t realize until I arrived, was that he had no idea which room was mine or any details about the house.  Luckily, two of roomates (I later had four total) stayed up for me on my first night, offered me a glass of wine and a lot of answers to all my questions.  Those two fine ladies were Sonja (originally from Germany, but living in Boston) and Rachel (from Philly).  I got to spend my first few weeks in Granada with them but they have both since traveled back to their homes.  My other two roomates were Nita (originally from Cambodia but living in Boston as well) and Miguel (from Spain).


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