Nuevas amigas!

In our first few weeks, my roomates and I have gone to free salsa lessons at Hotel de Corazon, found a great zumba class at the Bearded Monkey hostel, discovered the mercado, Parque Central, and Calzada (the main strip of restaurants), and hiked Mombacho volcano.  The photos show Sonja, Nita and I looking particularly positive in the before shots of our 2.5 hour, very steep hike up to the station base….yes, that’s right, 2.5 hours to the BASE -then the real hike began after!  I’m proud to say we not only made it to the top and back down, we also spent the night dancing away at Reilly’s!

For those readers that might want to venture to Mombacho – that 2.5 hour hike saved us 20 bucks each.   There is a shuttle that takes you up and then back down when you are finished, but we decided to save the money and get a workout too.  Most of the volcanoes here have both options – some type of shuttle (or driveable road, if you have a rental car) as well as the option to walk up yourself.  So if you’re short on time or if money isn’t an issue – the drive may be the way to go.





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