Local Produce

Starting to get the hang of the fruit here…. and our blender.  Made frozen banana, oj, fresh pineapple smoothies for breakfast.  Flora de Cana is the rum made in Nicaragua and is a great addition to the smoothies in the evenings.  Bo and I are also lucky enough that the major supermarkets in town are both a ten minute walk from our home.  We can get most things that we may be missing from home at these stores.   There is also the outdoor mercado which sells the produce and other basics we need.  Tonight we’ll be making fish tacos with veggies we got from our favorite fruit and veggie stand Donna Concha’s – aguacate (avocado), tomate/jitomate (tomato), and cebolla (onion).  We also found something called Crema Criolla, which is like a sweet sour cream and works well with the tacos.  Buen provecho!


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