Learning Spanish in the city

I wanted to put a quick plug in for the Spanish school where I have been taking my lessons while I’ve been living in Mexico City.

The school is called “lengua y cultura” and I attend classes in an office building located at Av. Baja California 218 in Roma Sur.

Marco Tellez is the director and he was exceptionally generous in giving me a discount in my classes because he knew I was a full-time volunteer here.  I can’t guarantee that he would offer a discount to other students, but I believe it’s worth asking if you are here in Mexico, spending time as a full-time volunteer.  I actually didn’t even realize I was getting a lower rate than the other students until my last week of school.  I had recommended a friend take classes because the prices were so great and they let me know they were quoted a different price!  So it made me think even more highly of Marco that he gave me the discount without making a big deal about it.  They also offer lower rates on the text books you need to purchase, if you are willing to use a black and white copied version, instead of the new book with colors.   Something to consider if you are on a budget.

I also really enjoyed the teachers that I had at the school – For my first three months I had Mariana and for the last three months I had Edgar.  Both were great to learn from and always spent a few minutes with me after class if I had extra questions.

One of the best parts of learning from this school is that you will meet people from all over the world.  In my first session I met friends from China, Ukraine, England and the U.S. but since those first lessons, I have had fellow students from Singapore, Finland, and Germany.  A few of us have remained friends outside of class too.  It’s also very fun in class when our lessons are based on describing in Spanish about traditions from our home cities.  We learn about how things are celebrated around the world, not just Mexico. Recently we had a lesson about wedding traditions and that was very interesting to hear everyone use their Spanish vocabulary to describe their family and cultural traditions.

Here is the school’s website and a quick video that shows a bit of D.F. and the classroom where I took my lessons. (My teacher Mariana made the video too – she’s the one in a white shirt with black stripes)



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